Week Nine Small Group Discussion

Group Tip Of The Week

Finish well your small group semester by having a time to worship together, thanking God for all He has done in us over the past few weeks. Pray with and for one another. Laugh. Cry. Enjoy the fellowship we have in Christ and bless one another to live for the Lord. Make sure everyone is equipped with next step options for growth and service.

Reflection Questions

• What are some connections to Jesus you have seen in the Bible?

• Once this study is over, how can you include reading the Bible into your daily schedule?

• What were two specific situations when Joseph and Jesus demonstrated faithfulness?

• What were two specific situations when Joseph and Jesus demonstrated servanthood?

• Think of a time of suffering in your life. How did you draw closer to God during that time?

• What fruit did the time of suffering produce in your life? How are you better able to relate to others after your time of suffering ended?

• What other aspects of the story of Joseph look forward to Jesus as healer?

• How can our daily lives point others who may not recognize Jesus to see Him as healer?

• Is there any part of your life that you need to surrender so that you can be wholehearted in your love for the Lord?

• Does your current attitude reflect a desire to live all of life for the glory of God?

• Do your words and actions consistently bring glory to God?

• Do the rhythms and activities of your day reflect the reality that all of life is for the glory of God?
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