Week One Small Group Discussion

Here you will find the questions that were included at the end of each Week 1 devotion. Use as many of these as you want to facilitate a small group gathering.  

Group Tip Of The Week

Strive to include E.S.P.N. in each Small Group gathering
Encouragement, Scripture, Prayer, Next Steps

Reflection Questions

• What are the major hindrances to you for establishing a personal, intentional, and consistent time with the Lord in your life?

• Do you view yourself as a “self-feeder” when it comes to your personal spiritual growth or are you dependent on other people to feed you? If you are solely relying on others, what is your next step toward self-feeding?

• Can you remember a time when you were in prayer and the Holy Spirit filled the room and changed the atmosphere?

• Are you willing to pay - and pray - the price for the answers to the questions you are currently asking?

• What would you like to commit to prayer during this study?

• What does your public life indicate about your private times with God?

• What changes could you make as we study the life of Joseph together to facilitate a posture of waiting on the Lord?

• Has shame or bitterness caused you to withdraw from people that God has placed in your life (family, friends, church members)?

• What steps might the Lord be leading you to make this season to be more intentional with relationships that will encourage your faith?
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