Week 5, Day 5

Remember. Reflect. Rest.

Obedience is hard anytime, but especially during dark or difficult seasons. Think about Joseph in that prison day after day, month after month, year after year when all he had to hold on to was God’s promises from boyhood stories and dreams. How did he remain faithful to God in that dark place? Remember Saul in 1 Samuel 15.

Saul was not in a prison. He was the king. He was told by the Lord to wait for Samuel to arrive before offering the sacrifice and going to war. He was feeling the pressure. The people were anxious and some were leaving. Samuel was taking longer than he said he would be. Saul was the leader – shouldn’t he DO SOMETHING?!? Instead of waiting in obedience to God, he acted or reacted to his uncomfortable circumstances and jumped ahead of God.

Knowing that obedience is so important to God and always results in the best for us, how do we choose obedience when we are in a difficult situation? What keeps us from jumping ahead of God or giving up altogether?

Here is what we’ve learned from teachings, life experiences, and personal revelation:

Remember, think on, hold fast to the times in the past when God has delivered you, rescued you, moved in you or for you. In I Samuel 7:12, Samuel takes a stone and sets it up as a memorial for what God had done and how He had delivered them from their enemy. He named it “Ebenezer” which means “Thus far the Lord has helped me.” The enemy was subdued.

God frequently calls us to remember what He has done. In remembering, it’s like it is happening again. Declaring God’s past work in our lives subdues the lies and pressure of the enemy and strengthens us for the present day.

Reflect on His promises and fill your heart and mind with them. Scripture is full of promises for each of us and our future. They are found throughout the Bible, especially in the Psalms. Read them. Speak them over yourself and your circumstances. Believe them! Ask the Lord to stir up faith to believe. Are you confused? Proverbs 3:5,6 says that He will direct your path. Are you grieving? Psalm 147:3 says that He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Run to God and His Word for Truth over your circumstances.

Rest in His unconditional love. Is there anything that changes the work of love and sacrifice demonstrated by Jesus on the cross? He loves you. You have to settle that issue. If you don’t understand and know that He loves you, you will be filled with confusion and doubt and be tempted to turn away. Close your eyes and see Jesus on the cross looking at you. He did that for you because He loves you and desires relationship with you. Know it!!! His plan for you is that you will walk fully in the call and purpose of your life. He didn’t die on the cross to leave you in your mess. He is with you in the dark place and will bring you out.

Reflection Questions

• When you go through trials or hard times, where do you go for help?

• Talk about your “Ebenezers” and the promises that you hold on to. Do you have any questions about the love of Jesus for you personally?
Bruce is on the Pastor Advisory Council and Cathy is involved in prayer ministry at Heritage. Together, they have a heart for family, marriage, and parenting and frequently teach small groups related to family issues.
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