Week 7, Day 1

Close The Door

As the parents of five kids, “Close the door!” is a phrase we have probably uttered more than a gazillion times over the years. Whether it’s the front door, the bathroom door, or the refrigerator door, apparently the part of the brain responsible for door closing develops much later in life. But why are doors such a big deal? Obviously, doors keep the bad stuff out (bugs, burglars, South Georgia summer weather!), and they keep the good stuff in.

Our hearts and minds have doors also, and God has put us in charge of those doors, asking us to guard them well. Perhaps some of the most destructive things that continually try to slip through those doors are lies from the enemy. Satan is continually feeding us lies, and unless our hearts and minds are well-fortified with the truth of God’s word, those lies make their way into our thoughts. Once they’re in, they are ready to tear us apart from the inside out.

The reading this week will cover two chapters in the Joseph story. The tension is building as it leads us closer to a dramatic confrontation between Joseph and the brothers who sold him into slavery. But first, I invite you to read these passages slowly.  See how many lies and hints of lies you can pick up on that the enemy has whispered to Joseph’s brothers and even to his father, Jacob.

Allow this passage of scripture and the devotions this week to reveal lies that you, too, might be holding on to. But don’t worry! The last devotion this week will help us tremendously find freedom from those lies as we learn how to close the door.

Week 7 Reading
Genesis 42-43

Prayer Focus for the Week
Earnestly ask God this week to bring to your mind lies that have found their way into your heart, soul, or mind. Let’s fight the lies with the Truth this week.

Reflection Questions

• Can you think of a lie you have been telling yourself about your life, your family, or your future? If so, put to memory a verse from the Bible that crushes that lie with the truth.

• Do you ever catch yourself using hopeless phrases like “always” (ex: you always let me down), “never” (ex: I’m never going to be happy), etc.? Pay very close attention to your words this week as they reflect what is really happening in your heart.
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