Week Eight Small Group Discussion

Group Tip Of The Week

As you near the end of your time together, go ahead and start thinking through:
1. What is a good way to finish well and celebrate?

2. How can I help the people in my group take a next step?
   (Refer to the Care Guide below).

3. What is next for me as a leader? Is there more work to be done with this group?

Reflection Questions

• Is there anyone you need to seek out and ask for forgiveness?

• Is there anyone you need to forgive, but are struggling to offer it?

• Have you ever walked through a season of pain caused by betrayal?

• Have you been able to walk in forgiveness?

• Have you ever had a life-altering experience? Has it made you bitter or better?

• How might something you have considered a limitation actually be used by God for good?

• Does the Bible tell each of us that we are responsible for initiating reconciliation if we are in conflict with someone?
(Matthew 5:23-24)

• What are some walls we put up that hinder us from being reconciled with others?

• Which person are you and why? The complainer who loses out on His blessings or the person who seeks to be Christ-like and finds the blessings around them and experiences the joy that comes each morning from Him?

• Have you been in a season of dissatisfaction and complaining? What did you (or will you) do to bring closure to that season and please God in the process? What can you do to change your situation, so that you don’t wander in this modern “desert” for days, months, or even years and miss out on God’s blessings?
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