Week Four Small Group Discussion

Group Tip Of The Week

At Heritage we try to take attendance once per semester to know who is involved in each small group. We realize that attendance-taking is a little tedious and maybe inconvenient, but it means so much to our efforts to know who in our church is connected and cared for. As some pastors like to say, “we count people because people count”. You should receive a link to provide your group names, and we want to thank you in advance for serving us in this way.

Reflection Questions

• Do you have an unhealthy view of accountability? Ask God to change your heart to eagerly desire more of this incredible gift.

• Are there areas of life that you could benefit from having added accountability? Pray for God to lead you to the right people to help you.

• How can you find strength in your relationship with God to embrace living a life of excellence amid tough situations?

• What are some ways you have seen God’s favor in your life even through tough situations?

• Where is your heart today? Are you fully committed to God?

• What or who are you relying on?

• How do you maintain a lifestyle of integrity?

• Do you see the sin in your life as “great wickedness” or as minor infraction of arbitrary rules? Pray that God would increase your awareness of His sovereign reign and increase your reverence, awe, and fear of Him (Isaiah 66:2 & Psalm 86:11)

• Is love and reverence for God your primary reason to avoid sin? Do you ask, like Joseph, “How can I sin against God?” Consider your motivations in life and pray that you would be driven to please Him (Colossians 1:10 & Galatians 1:10).

• Learning to walk rightly through time of rejection is critical in life. What was Jesus’ response to rejection?

• Reflect on times you have felt betrayed or rejected. How can your response to rejection model Christ’s response?
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