Week 2, Day 5

With God, There is Always Good

Joseph’s plight at the hands of his jealous brothers was ugly. From being the carefree, younger, favored child of Jacob to becoming a slave...no matter the ebbs and flows of his positions in Egypt, he was still a slave. Comparatively, Joseph’s new life was heart wrenching - a fate he in no way deserved. In his mind, his family was lost forever. He was not torn to pieces by a ferocious animal as his brothers allowed Jacob to believe, but torn just the same - by the devastating emotions of jealousy, hatred, and bitterness. Although Joseph was alive and well physically, emotionally and mentally he suffered tremendously by his brothers’ hands.

The stain of family betrayal will permeate our souls if we allow it.

In my case, my conception was the result of date rape. This was one of the deciding factors that led to adoption becoming a choice for my mother. I also have an older brother who was not raised by our mom. He was raised by our grandmother, her mom. But I was given to another family.

I knew and had a relationship with my natural family but was unaware of who they really were to me. The unraveling of this story to my adolescent mind shocked my being, and my inability to process all of those feelings spiraled into an emotional impact that would damage my relationships for years to come.

Where is the good when a mother abandons her child?  When love and respect are absent within the family unit?  When sibling rivalry creates a years-long divide? When despair, death, or tragedy in one of its many forms implodes lives at the hand of a loved one?  Where is the good?  Can there be good?

Yes, there can.

What the enemy meant for evil, God works for good. The good is in God - in His faithfulness toward us, especially in our darkest hours. We know God’s character is good. Even when it doesn’t appear so, He IS good.

As we walk through the anguish of our heart’s betrayal, the pain is real, powerful, and long-lasting. Its effects will either make us bitter or better. The choice is ours. Despite Joseph’s circumstance, he continued to follow the will and ways of the Lord. We know how his story ended.

Likewise, in my situation, God’s protective hand over my heart healed me. The devastation and turmoil I walked through took years to unfold, but those strained relationships are now healthy because I chose to follow His plan. This can be true for all of us. It is our choice. Will we allow the painful and gut-wrenching circumstances to mold us as God sees fit? The pain serves a purpose. God has a plan. Without a doubt, our hurtful experiences become a point of connection with someone who is facing similar trauma. It’s an opportunity to share our faith; to walk with the one hurting or confused, and to build relationships as we extend the love and grace of God. What will you do with your pain?

Reflection Questions

• Why did God allow Joseph to go through such turmoil?

• How have you allowed God to use your pain as a connector with another whose life is in shambles?

• In what ways can you use your story to spread the love and faithfulness of Jesus?
Lisa and her husband, DeNeal, have been members since 2006. They are currently both greeters. Lisa also works with Discover Heritage.
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Polly - September 14th, 2023 at 11:10pm

I am loving the story of Jacob and all the beautiful testimonials helps me more than i can say thank you