Week 5, Day 3

Remaining Faithful in the Darkness

There are several characteristics Joseph possessed that showed who God was in his life. Joseph was submitted to God for the decision laid out before him by his master. He didn’t fight the judgment. Even though Joseph was falsely accused, he went without running away or trying to change the events that were happening to him. By his submission to God, Joseph was able to honor the keeper of the prison. The attitude of his heart allowed God’s favor to work in Joseph’s life (Gen. 39:22).

Joseph was also trustworthy. For a prisoner to gain full trust from the prison supervisor he had to show that he would not escape, lie, or keep things from his overseers. He had to honor those in charge over the inmates and had to carry out all that was asked of him without question or rebuke. He also had to abide by all the rules set before him.

Joseph also had a heart for others. He loved the ones God put in his path. He wasn’t abusive or prideful. He cared for others despite what they had done. He showed grace and mercy and took interest in their needs. He showed forgiveness to all who mistreated him. The guards were all treated with respect and honor. All of this is evidenced by one important word: Prosper (Gen. 39:2).

Reflection Questions

• As you go through your hard times and difficult situations, take time to evaluate your heart. Do your actions reflect a godly character?

• Are you exhibiting His love even when things are tough? Ask God to continue to transform you by His Spirit to remain faithful in the darkness.
Jamie is an active member at Heritage and is also serving as Director of Crossroads Missions - one of our local partners who provides men in our community a shelter, intentional discipleship, and life coaching. You’ll also see Jamie having fun on the pickleball courts!
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