Week 7, Day 4

Obedience vs. The Slippery Slope

“But those who trust in the LORD will be blessed. They know that the LORD will do what He says. They will be strong like trees planted near a stream that send out roots to the water. They have nothing to fear when the days get hot. Their leaves are always green. They never worry, even in a year that has no rain. They always produce fruit.” (Jeremiah 17:7-8 ERV)

In this passage God is speaking to the Tribe of Judah, the Tribe who was chosen to be the first Tribe to go occupy their allotted territory in Israel. A Tribe that honored Yahweh.

As we study about Judah, we find he is compared to a lion in strength, courage, and vitality. Further insight shows us the Tribe of Judah contained qualities of national prominence and kingship. But even with all that, they slid down the slippery slope. They had slowly turned from the True and Living God. So, God spoke and said to them, “You are very stubborn, and you are doing only what you want to do. You are not obeying Me because you do only what you want to do.” (Jeremiah 16:12) ERV

Following their own desires and trusting in man’s ways led the Tribe of Judah down the slippery slope to destruction. God, in His infinite mercy, then gave them a “BUT”.

In this Scripture God is saying, “But those who return to obedience and trust, He gives His promise of Blessings and Strength. Life without fear. Life without worry. A life of productivity.

That’s the life He wants for us. And He is making it available to us today!

Reflection Questions

• Do you have a tender heart towards the Lord and want to please and obey Him in all of your ways? If not, it could be the first step down a slippery slope.

• Is that an area of disobedience in your life? Ask God to search your heart - even if it seems small or insignificant, we want to avoid a path of compromise.

• Regarding what you say, and how you act (ex: being kind to one another), have you disobeyed God’s Holy Word? The Good News is, we can change. Repent and turn back to a loving and forgiving God.
John and MaryKaye live in Thomasville and are currently involved in small groups, mentoring, and serve on the Prayer Team.
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