Week 8, Day 3

When Everything Changes

The story of Joseph reminds me so much of some of my life experiences. Joseph endured terrible things in his life, and yet God used it all for good.

As a young man I spent many years trapped by drugs. I had a very God-fearing grandfather who taught me well, so I knew what God asked of me, but I chose to run with the wrong crowd. I landed in trouble with the law and was banished from Moultrie for about ten years, so I left. I ended up in Waycross and one night my cousin, another friend and I suffered a serious car crash. We lost control and hit a large tree head-on.

My neck was broken.

Sitting in that car, I knew immediately that I was in bad shape. But I also knew that God was with me. He spoke to me and let me know that I would now be a vessel for Him.

Everything changed for me that day. I would no longer walk in the physical, but on that day I began to run in the spiritual. Ever since I have spoken words of Truth and Love to everyone I meet. I experienced tragedy, but God has used it for good.

If given the choice I would never go back to that life. I’d rather live in a wheelchair serving the Lord than to be on my feet again, running from God. Many people see my limitations, but it has actually given me the opportunity to focus more time and attention on the Lord than ever before. The apostle Paul states that the single life gave him the opportunity to do more for God than most people could (1 Corinthians 7:32). I am thankful for the life God has given me and the many opportunities I have to offer hope to others.

Reflection Questions

• Have you ever had a life-altering experience? Has it made you bitter or better?

• How might something you have considered a limitation actually be used by God for good?
Richard almost never misses a Sunday at Heritage. He is a man full of wisdom, compassion, conviction, and prayer. He has a large group that he sends daily scripture encouragement on a daily basis. Don’t ever pass up a chance to meet or talk to Richard. You can often find him in his wheelchair near the back of the sanctuary during church - and we all can’t wait for the day that Richard will once again run and jump in the Presence of His Savior.
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