From our leadership structure to pastoral care, church-wide resources covers a wide range of topics, including what we believe as a church family.
Have you been asked to lead an element for Sunday Worship? You'll find our message preparation process, guest speaker guidelines, and more.
From learning how to start your own small group to helping with childcare, our small group resources will guide you through the process.
Our staff and our volunteers really help make the work of Heritage Church move forward.  Team Life  connects our people to God and to each other, ensuring we all move toward the destiny that God has designed specifically for us.
From supporting local and global missions efforts through our Storehouse to taking steps to go on a mission trip yourself, our missions resources will guide you through sharing the love of Christ around the world.
The pastoral staff at Heritage work together to ensure the vision that God has given us for our county, state, nation, and even the world gets communicated to the body.  
Here you'll find our church bylaws, leadership structure, church facilities policy, and other topics related to the ongoing process of regulating Heritage Church.