Sign Up For A Worship Audition

By signing up for a worship audition, you are stating that you would like to apply to join the worship team.  Here are a few things you'll need to know first.

1.)  Your audition will be with Mark and Lance, and they will be honest with you about your strengths, weaknesses, and whether or not the worship team is a good fit for the gifts that God has given you.

2.)  All who join the worship team are required to be at practice the Wednesday night before you sing at 6:30 PM, and show up for Sunday AM walkthroughs at 6:30 AM.  You will serve both services.

If you're ready to sign up with us, please fill out the form below:

Requirements For Worship Team Members:

1.)  A growing relationship with God and Jesus Christ.
2.)  Be open to correction and change.
3.)  Be active in a small group.
4.)  Go through all 4 growth track classes.

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