God's Heart for the Nations
Thursdays @ 6pm (once a month)
Kate & Drew Krenkel
Prayer Chapel

Storehouse Freedom
Thursdays @ 3pm
Kippy Adams
(229) 891-0366
Storehouse Breakroom

Storehouse on Mondays
Mondays @ 6pm
Eddie Seagle
(229) 561-9421
The Storehouse

The Storehouse Family
Bobby & Shirley Davis
(229) 891-1479
The Storehouse

With You School Initiative Dream Team
Tuesdays @ 4:30pm (once a month)
Emily Hall & Lynn Diers
(229) 589-1778
Beans and Strings on the Square

With You CA Gray FCA Support Team
Wednesdays @ 9am (once a month)
Lynn Diers
(873) 727-0809
CA Gray Gym

With You CA Gray Reserve Team
Meeting Times Vary
Emily Hall
(229) 589-1778
Locations Vary