Art Expression with Harvie Ann

Leader:        Harvie Ann Cox

Contact:; 229-890-6546

When:          Wednesday @ 4pm

Where:        Team Life Central


ELEV8 Your Mind

The most crucial part of getting your BODY in shape 

and healthy is getting your MIND IN SHAPE and healthy!

Leader:      Amy Bloodworth

Contact:    229-891-0683

When:         Sunday @ 4:30pm; starts 19

Where:        ELEV8 Downtown Moultrie


Trail Talk

Friends gathering to walk, talk and pray

Leader:        Emily Hall    

Contact:; 229-589-1778

When:          Wednesday @ 8:30am

Where:         Parking lot at the walking trail


Physically Fit For Our King

Leader:        Robin McCord

Contact:; 229-873-4881

When:          Sunday @ 4:30pm

Where:        YMCA Social Room


Weekends W / Friends

Go out to eat, see a movie; don’t spend Friday or Saturday nights alone.  Something different every week.  No obligation - join in if it fits this week!

Leaders:       David Oaks

Assistant:    Stanley Long

Contact:; 229-891-5581

When:           Friday or Saturday @ dinner

Where:          Various places


Creative Group

Leader:        Lance Ruis


When:          Varies

Where:        TBA


Film Production

Leader:        Lance Ruis


When:          Varies

Where:        TBA