10 Great Dates

Leaders:    Mark & Kelly Cunningham

Assistants:    David & Virginia Acord        

Contact:; 229-343-5124

When:        Monday @ 6:30pm

Where:        David & Virginia’s home


Dating and Relationships:  For Parents With Students

This group is for parents of students in 6th-12th grade

Leader:        Christian Edwards    

Contact:; 229-873-2777

When:        Wednesday @ 6:30pm

Where:        TBA


Staying In Love

Leaders:    Marcy & Terri Sullivan    

Contact:    229-921-3790

When:        Thursday @ 6:30pm, starts Feb. 9

Where:        Marcy & Terri’s home


Couples Growing Together

Couples building relationship and studying Scripture together

Leaders:      John & Ashleigh Oxford

Assistants:  Lawrence & Dottie Lott   

Contact:      229-798-5332; 229-589-0809

When:          Sunday @ 6pm

Where:        S3 Meeting Room