Spiritual growth

Destined To Win

Leader:        Sharon Amezcua 

Assistants:    Jay & Chrissy Paterson

Contact:    229-529-7102; 229-589-2840

When:        Tuesday @ 6:30pm

Where:        JAVA


Discipleship - Billy & Cheri

Leader:        Billy & Cheri Maisonneuve 

Contact:    bcmai66@yahoo.com; 678-900-4555

When:        Wednesday (every other) @ 6:30pm

Where:        Billy & Cheri’s home


Dogwood Plaza Devotional

Leader:        Genelle O’Neal

Assistant:    Mary Bullard

Contact:    229-985-8238; 229-921-4618

When:        1st & 3rd Tuesday @ 10:30am

Where:        Dogwood Plaza


Enlarging Your Borders

Leader:        Ethel Clemens

Assistant:    Kathy Warner

Contact:       229-429-9594; kmoverga11613@hotmail.com

When:           Thursday @ 11am

Where:          Valdosta


Growing In Christ

Discipleship Group - all are welcome

Leader:        Georgia Barber

Contact:      georgiabarber2011@hotmail.com; 2294549614

When:          Wednesday @ 6:30pm, starts Feb. 15

Where:         Kids Mobile


Motley Crew Saints

Going on a journey together to discover the unsearchable 

riches that lie in Christ Jesus

Leader:        Luis Vargas

Assistant:   Charlie Florencio

Contact:      229-589-0343, 229-456-6347

When:          Sunday @ 5:30pm

Where:         Prayer Chapel


Senior Center Service

Leader:        Genelle O’Neal

Assistant:    Mary Bullard

Contact:       229-985-8238; 229-921-4618

When:           Wednesday @ 10:30am

Where:         Moultrie Senior Center



Leader:        Mitch Griffin

Contact:      mtchgriffin@yahoo.com; 706-975-9032

When:          Thursday @ 6pm

Where:        Good Samaritan Counseling Bldg.


Your Destiny His Glory

Leader:        Sharon Amezcua    

Contact:      samezcua14@gmail.com; 229-529-7102

When:          Thursday @ 6:30pm

Where:        Y4


This Changes Everything

Lessons from James

Leader:        Billy & Robin Wilson

Contact:      229-224-6916; 229-393-5425

When:          Friday @ 7:30pm

Where:        Billy & Robin’s home


Facing Messy Stuff In The Church

For those leading in ministry or those preparing to lead

Leader:        Stephen Adcock

Contact:      stephen@heritagelife.org, 229-921-6533

When:          Wednesday @ 7am

Where:         Beans & Strings