Heritage Church holds worship services every Sunday morning at 9:00 AM and 10:45 AM.

Sunday Morning worship at Heritage Church is a vital part of our weekly connection with each other and God.  We are focused on connecting people to God, and connecting with each other as a community of disciples whose goal is to follow Jesus Christ.  This means dynamic worship music, challenging and healing messages, and stories of lives that are being changed forever by His love.

We'd love for you to join us on Sunday, and take the next step in your walk with God.


Physical Address 
844 Ga Highway 33 S
Moultrie, GA 31788

Our Mailing Address
(Not our physical address)

P.O. Box 307
Moultrie, GA 31776

Spring SEMESTER 2018

January 28th - May 6th


Heritage Small Groups are YOUR PLACE to belong and grow. Experience life with a group of people who share your interests or life circumstances.  Heritage Small groups will encourage and equip you to move one step forward in your walk with the Lord.

Heritage Small Groups meet on a semester system and change three times a year. This gives you the opportunity to continue to grow and connect with God’s people and God’s purposes.

Search our online directory to discover YOUR PLACE.

“Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ.” - Acts 5:42

Then and now, small groups were vital to the life of a disciple.

For more information on Heritage Small Groups contact Small Groups Pastor, Billy Maisonneuve: or Small Groups Administrator, Chrissie Forehand:


At Heritage Church, we do four things.  We're all about helping you get saved, healed, restored, and fulfilled in your relationship with God your Father through Jesus Christ.

This process is called GROWTH TRACK, and it gives every person a simple pathway to follow for spiritual growth and discovery of their redemptive purpose. Each Sunday, we offer a different component of Growth Track, and since we began in October, hundreds of people have walked through the process and taken huge next steps in their discipleship journey.

Immediately following the second worship service, our Growth Track teams get ready to serve you lunch and welcoming you into the community Heritage folks enjoy. When Jesus spoke of the greatest commandment, He told us to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.  Since we began to communicate our vision through the message of 4 areas, each week focuses on loving God in a different way.

Growth Track 1

In GT1, we learn how to love God with our whole heart, and unbelievers become believers as they respond to the message of salvation. Participants learn about baptism and are given the opportunity to become members of Heritage.

Growth Track 2

In GT2, we learn how to love God with our whole soul, and how believers become disciples through developing spiritual habits. They are encouraged to allow their roots to go deep through involvement in small groups.

Growth Track 3

Disciples become leaders as they discover their God-given destiny, loving God with their whole mind. Participants enjoy the engaging activities in GT3 of determining personality type, passions and spiritual gift mix.

Growth Track 4

Leaders become servants when they live out their purpose, not only enjoying the life of Christ, but giving it away as they bear fruit through ministry. At the good soil point of GT4, participants receive training for the various areas of ministry and learn about joining TEAM LIFE as they learn to love God with all their strength. 

Thank you for your interest in serving with us on Team Life, a place we serve with JOY. COMPASSION. EXCELLENCE.

Below you'll find many opportunities to serve.


Baby Heritage
(Kelly Cunningham,
Babies and young children up to age 3 are loved on and prayed for by this group as our little ones begin learning about the love of Jesus and their faith takes root. 

Baptism team
(Dawn Barnett,
This team guides you through what baptism truly means and prepares you for the actual event, connecting you with your church family and God.
Host :: Baptism Counseler

Breathe Ministry
(Nettie Hatcher,
Breathing life and hope into families with special needs summarizes what these amazing folks do for people with disabilities both during our service times and beyond.  No special training required.  

Coffee Crew
(Nathan Lawson,
This team serves guests by creating a warm, friendly atmosphere, offering all available services provided by the coffeehouse, inviting them into community and developing an environment that facilitates meaningful conversation.

Creative Arts
(Lance Ruis,
God’s gift of inspiration and creativity gives us an opportunity to reach others through stories, experiences, art, and so much more.  This team’s goal is to give a place to use the gift of creativity for God’s glory.
Film and Video Creation :: Graphic Design :: Stage Design :: Drama

Facilities Team  
(David Oaks,
This team works behind the scenes and in between our services on Sunday to ensure our facilities and grounds are clean and inviting to guests and are equipped for the variety of ministry experiences each week.  

Security Team

(Billy Wilson,

Before, during and after the Sunday morning worship experiences, The Security team works to kee the grounds and facilities secure and safe. 

(Dawn Barnett, or Elizah DeMott,
This friendly team offers the gift of community by welcoming our guests, helping them feel at home with us and handing out weekly service guides.

Growth Track Team  
(Brian Lassetter,
As the official hosts of our Growth Track, this team helps those attending feel welcome and offers assistance as needed throughout the 4 week series.
Host team :: Food team

Information Desk 
(Nancy McMillan,
As the name implies, this helpful group serves our guests by connecting them to the church community, providing resources and information on ministry opportunities and current events.
Heritage Kids  
(Stephen & Kristin Adcock, or
This amazing group of adults and young people are serious about helping children come to Jesus and become real disciples.  They use a variety of creative ways such as skits, videos, storytelling, worship and small groups to enhance that encounter.  (PreK 4 to 5th grade)
Kid’s Guest Services :: Sunday Kids Small Group Leaders :: Sunday Kids Worship, Technical & Creative 

Media Team
(Lance Ruis,
Lights, Camera, Action!  Our media team wants you to get involved with helping give a visual support to Sunday morning’s worship and messages through sound, cameras, lights, videos, and more.
Camera Operators :: Lighting :: Sound :: Stage Crew :: Service Directors :: Multimedia

(Emily Hall, )
From Moultrie to the ends of the earth, this team facilitates taking the Gospel beyond the walls of the church through a variety of ministry opportunities.  
Storehouse Team :: Rampbuilding Team :: Kids Against Hunger Team :: Merge at Willie J Williams Middle School :: Global Mission Teams :: Rapid Relief Teams

Offering Team  
(Jonathan Edwards, or Grant Hammack,
This team handles our Sunday giving with integrity, ensuring that your gift is handled with care and accountability.

Parking Team  
(Tim Powers,
We invite people to experience true community immediately upon entering our property and exposing them to the genuine love of God in a practical way.  The worship experience actually begins in the parking lot as our guest first encounter the love of Christ through the Parking Team, and this team gets to add the final “amen” to a great day as our guests exit.

Pastoral Care 
(Emily Hall,
To those who are sick, hurting, or dying, pastoral care is provided ongoing to the hospitals, homes and assistant living facilities as needed.  This team can include Ministry of Meals (MOMs), a Van Ministry that picks up those without transportation, or even a team to  pick up and deliver Food Bank to those in our congregation that are without food.

Prayer Team  
(Cathy Owen,
This team of intercessors covers every aspect of the services in prayer, serves in altar ministry, participates with inner healing ministry and continues to pray throughout the week for the needs of this faith community.  

Small Group Leadership  
(Brian Lasseter,
As true pastors at Heritage, this group of leaders ensures people are cared for in small groups and are encouraged to take the next step in their faith journey.  

Team Life Central  
(David Oaks,
This group of encouragers creates an environment each week where they offer tender love and care,  along with great snacks, for all our ministry team members who are serving.  Additionally they seek opportunities throughout the week to build up all Team Lifers.
Breakfast Team :: Host Team

(Dawn Barnett, or Elizah DeMott, 
Preparing the environment for unhindered worship, this team welcomes our guests once inside the worship center by helping them find a seat and minimizing distractions..

(Mark Cunningham,
A talented group who loves to worship, this team invites people to engage with the living God whether it’s through vocals, instruments, audio or visual engineering.  

Heritage Youth
(Christian Edwards,
Investing in the next generation, this team is making disciples of our junior high and high school students and helping them encounter the presence of God through small groups, worship services, prayer and outreach.
Admin & Follow Up :: Core Team of Leaders & Teachers :: Worship, Technical & Creative :: Prayer & Outreach :: Greeters :: Food & Games