At Heritage Church, we do four things.  We're all about helping you get saved, healed, restored, and fulfilled in your relationship with God your Father through Jesus Christ.

This process is called GROWTH TRACK, and it gives every person a simple pathway to follow for spiritual growth and discovery of their redemptive purpose. Each Sunday, we offer a different component of Growth Track, and since we began in October, hundreds of people have walked through the process and taken huge next steps in their discipleship journey.

Immediately following the second worship service, our Growth Track teams get ready to serve you lunch and welcome you into the community Heritage folks enjoy. When Jesus spoke of the greatest commandment, He told us to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.  Since we began to communicate our vision through the message of 4 areas, each week focuses on loving God in a different way. Childcare is provided. No registration required.

Growth Track 1

In GT1, we learn how to love God with our whole heart, and unbelievers become believers as they respond to the message of salvation. Participants learn about baptism and are given the opportunity to become members of Heritage.

Growth Track 2

In GT2, we learn how to love God with our whole soul, and how believers become disciples through developing spiritual habits. They are encouraged to allow their roots to go deep through involvement in small groups.

Growth Track 3

Disciples become leaders as they discover their God-given destiny, loving God with their whole mind. Participants enjoy the engaging activities in GT3 of determining personality type, passions and spiritual gift mix.

Growth Track 4

Leaders become servants when they live out their purpose, not only enjoying the life of Christ, but giving it away as they bear fruit through ministry. At the good soil point of GT4, participants receive training for the various areas of ministry and learn about joining TEAM LIFE as they learn to love God with all their strength.